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Whole Term Life Insurance Policy

Whole Term Life Insurance Policy

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Life insurance

Why whole life insurance?

When we consider buying a life insurance policy, we want to shield our loved ones from unforeseen events like terminal sickness or death. You have assured lifetime coverage with a “Cash Value” investment component when you purchase a whole life insurance policy. In case of an emergency, cash value gives the insurance holder the option to withdraw or borrow money from the policy. 

Whole life insurance is a long-term, permanent policy that ensures lifetime protection for your loved ones. Contrary to term insurance, whole life insurance allows you to accrue a guaranteed monetary value that you can use however you see fit. Dividends that are earned on participating whole life insurance can be used to raise the death benefit and cash value of the contract. Or you could go with another choice, like using dividends to offset premium costs. 

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Select Whole term insurance in case

If you have people who are financially reliant on you and who could potentially remain so for the rest of your life. For instance, a spouse who is dependent or children with special requirements.

In addition to your current assets, you want to give your children a tax-free inheritance. Alternatively, you may want to provide for additional heirs even though you have already specified existing assets for one heir.

Advantages of Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance – You are covered by the insurance for 99 years. This offers long-term protection for your household. Many people still have money responsibilities in their later years, and a policy like this can take care of those responsibilities.

Level Premium – Your premiums stay the same throughout the policy’s tenure, giving you the advantage of a cost that won’t increase over time. Additionally, you know exactly how much the premium will be, so you can plan your spending appropriately.

Whole Health Insurance Cover
This kind of life insurance policy is designed for people who need a long-term strategy and will have significant financial obligations to take care of after they pass away. Because the needs are predictable and constant, the insurance cost typically remains stable over time. Based on the client’s age and health at the moment of contract signing, the premium is calculated. As a person gets older and has a higher risk, but maintains the same rate, this may be advantageous. 

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