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How SAAK Insurance Group Is Helping Clients Prepare for Unexpected Curveballs with Life Insurance Plans

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The SAAK Insurance Group, founded by Andrew Davis and operated in conjunction with Kiana Johnson, have been serving clients for nearly a decade. The firm offers affordable insurance plans to clients all over the United States and specializes in whole life insurance, final expense insurance, indexed universal life (IUL) policies, term life, universal life and annuities.

Operated as a faith-based, family-oriented and proudly Black-owned business, SAAK Insurance Group is seeking to spotlight the industry and get younger generations of people to realize the importance of life insurance. Afterall, the unexpected can lead a family to financial chaos. However, that is what both Davis and Johnson are working to help clients avoid happening.

“Our goal is to make insurance easy and affordable for everyday people who are just like us,” said Davis. “We care about our clients, their families and maintain faith at the core of everything that we do. Everyone has an expiration date, but consider your children and their children!”

The team at SAAK Insurance Group remains committed to educating people on the importance of building generational growth and smart financial planning, and preparing for unforeseen expenses, all while remaining protected along the way.

Meet the Team

Both Davis and Johnson are married and have three daughters, Shakirah, Aleighya, and Adreyan. The family believes, wholeheartedly, in generational wealth and helping ensure that future generations benefit from the actions taken today. At the core of the family is their collective faith, maintaining the notion that anything is possible and all difficult roads can be paved. The nationally-recognized and licensed insurance marketing organization was founded on the core principles of honesty, integrity and family values.

Davis is a former collegiate and semi-professional basketball standout and media personality. He has been serving clients and providing them with high-level life insurance since 2014. He garnered interest in the industry after his cousin, Asil Warren, died from an asthma attack. The family did not have any insurance to help with costs. This prompted him to become a licensed agent and to, in his words, ‘save lives’, which he holds an unrivaled passion for.

“Our goal is to provide education, reduce the financial burden and assist in planning for the future,” Davis stated. “We can’t preach enough the importance of the quality of life for you and your families and what can help is a reasonable life insurance policy.”

Johnson worked in logistics for a storage company for 11 years prior to converting over to educating clients about the importance of life insurance. After watching Davis grow SAAK Insurance Group over a six-year span, and studying his self-confidence, determination and motivating factors, she joined him to formulate an even stronger bond, both personally and professionally.

“My main goal is to help educate our younger generations on financial building and growth,” she said. “I also want older generations to gain back their ability to stay ahead of their finances for retirement, for their children, grandchildren, burial or whatever other services they may need.”

Because Life Matters

Davis and Johnson believe that life insurance offers protection with a purpose and that every life matters, whether senior citizens, or younger generations preparing to provide for future families.

SAAK Insurance Group works closely with the top insurance companies in the United States to help ensure clients receive optimal coverage. Davis, Johnson and the team offer the best deal on client’s respective policies, while also offering peace of mind for them and their loved ones.

“Financial challenges are commonplace, so the best way to plan for a prosperous financial future is yesterday,” said Johnson. “We help prepare people for when the unexpected happens.”

About Andrew Davis and Kiana Johnson

Andrew Davis and Kiana Johnson, co-owners of SAAK Insurance Group, provide affordable burial insurance, final expense, term, whole life, and more. SAAK Insurance Group has been recommended by the Better Business Bureau and the couple has recently won The Plato Award. For more information about protecting yourself and your family, please visit

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