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If you need a low cost option and want to take the complications out of funeral expenses get burial or cremation insurance

Cremation Insurance

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Life insurance

Cremation Insurance

The category of life insurance known as “preneed” or “final expenditure” includes cremation insurance. When you buy cremation insurance, as opposed to whole life insurance, you are saving money to cover the cost of your cremation, memorial service, and any other costs that may be connected to your last wishes. Even though cremation is frequently less expensive than burial, the costs are increasing and, based on the options you select, may eventually equal the cost of a traditional burial. These expenses are covered when you have funeral insurance.

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Depending on the type of cremation insurance you select, the money from your policy can be paid to a beneficiary you specify or directly to the funeral home you wish to use, relieving your loved ones of the burden of handling the money. The money is used to pay for the costs associated with carrying out your final desires. Specific costs are covered by cremation insurance. They are typically much smaller than whole life insurance as a result.

One way to prepare for the unavoidable without burdening your loved ones during their time of mourning is to purchase cremation insurance. It’s a kind way to make sure those who loved you can concentrate on their own recovery rather than trying to make difficult financial choices. 


Expenses of Cremation

There are many cremation costs, and they can vary based on the options you select for your final arrangements. Let’s talk about a few of the choices you’ll need to think about when arranging your cremation.

Instant cremation

A direct cremation is one where there are no provisions made for your family’s support in terms of choices or services. Your final remains are frequently delivered in a cardboard box or other very simple, temporary container, and you won’t have a funeral, memorial ceremony, or viewing. The price of this last outlay is relatively low because a direct cremation does not require the personnel or services of a burial home, a hearse or grave marker, or a viewing casket. Your death document, a permit for the cremation, a quick cremation, and delivery of the cremated remains to your family are all included in direct cremation. There isn’t much else included in direct cremation, so your family won’t have much support and won’t get the help of funeral home professionals as they navigate this challenging time. You should budget between $2000 and $5000 for these preparations overall, depending on where your direct cremation will be performed. The cost of this service is designed to be covered by direct cremation insurance.

Funeral home costs

You should think about the funeral home costs involved with a celebration of life, memorial service, or traditional funeral if your end-of-life arrangements include any of these. In the United States, a basic funeral ceremony typically costs between $5000 and $6000. The cremation casket or urn is not included in the average funeral expenses. You are spending money on the funeral home’s services, it’s employees, embalming, the transportation of the deceased, printed documents, and other little extras. You can obtain a basic funeral service for less money because a large portion of these costs is optional.


Depending on where in the nation you live, cremation costs can vary greatly. For instance, the price can vary from $795 to $2200 in Ft. Meyers, Florida, but between $675 and $6800 in Houston, Texas. The expense of a viewing, a cremation casket, an urn, flowers, as well as the papers necessary to carry out a cremation in your state, can all be included in these costs. These costs might not include the cost of catering, transportation, or other minor details like funeral home fees.

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